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Canyon of Heroes Parade - Will it be televised?


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It will be on TV. I'll get the details.


Thanks bro. I work from home alot, but today I have to go to the office, gotta be there by 9am(11am your time). Ive been out of the office so long, they wanna make sure Im still a real person...lol

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channel 2 and 4 11:00 am

I take it those are the city local channels. That's bad news for me because I use Direct TV instead of cable. If I had cable, I'd get the NYC channels, but not all the others that I like. Hopefully it will be on NFL Network, MSG, YES, or perhaps the SNY (Sports New York) channel. TV Guide doesn't say if they will or not.


Damn! I won't be happy if I can't watch it. :furious:

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