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Spags’ Interview


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Defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo is on a plane right now headed home, so he won’t be interviewing for the Redskins head coaching job today. Tomorrow? Could be another story. After the team formally breaks up and the parade up the Canyon of Heroes culminates at City Hall, Spagnuolo could sit down right after that with owner Daniel Snyder.


The Giants would love to keep Spagnuolo around, especially after the way he got the defense straightened out after that disastrous two-game start in which in gave up 80 points. But Jerry Reese fell short of saying he’d offer him an assistant head coach’s spot similar to the one that allowed Dallas to keep Jason Garrett from Miami’s grasp. :brooding:


“We’ll make every effort to keep him,” Reese said. “We sure don’t want to play against him with the Redskins because we know what he’ll bring to the table. If he gets a shot at a head coach’s job, godspeed.” :(


The current frontrunners for that job are former Giants coach Jim Fassel, Steve Mariucci, and Ron Meeks.

















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I am sure he is too. I am just sick of the Giants finding great coordinators and then letting them go on to HC in other places. Landry, Lombardi, Fox, Belichick, Payton all come to mind....

You left off the name Coughlin (a Superbowl winning coach :) ), who also was a Giants coach right along side Belechek under Parcell's '90 Gaints SB team.


Anyway, yeah...I know what you mean. It's almost like getting a coaching job with the Giants jettisons one's career into a head coaching job.


Imagine what it must have been like for 4 years when Vince Lombardi was the "offensive coordinator" and Tom Landry was the "defensive coordinator". The very thought blows my mind! Two Hall of Fame coaches....both considered legendary by any means of measurement....working side by side as Giants' coaches for four year. In-fuckin-credible.


If Spags goes to the skins, he'll probably make a name for himself as well.

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