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1000th post.


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Yay 1000 posts.....I need a life outside of this board :P


But for my post I'd just like to say



Were Superbowl champs and even a day later....I STILL can't fucking bELieve it.


We played an entire game against the "best team in football" and I couldn't be more proud with the team. We shot ourself in the foot acouple times with that tipped ball, the fumble and some stupid penalties. But thats how Championship teams are defined, I mean fighting on the road and winning 11 in a row. Then being down by 4 with 2:35 left in the game and the team coming back and having one of the most memorable drives in Superbowl history.


Ever since the 2000 season I said "The Giant's will win one before my time, they will win one" and what do you know! Yesterday we made history with a huge upset.....I'm just so happy.


Heres hoping for a repeat of what we seen last night :cheers:

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