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There's another issue due out before the SB so it's all good....unless he's on that one too. Oh BTW, Brady has been the cover girl numerous times. How's that curse workin' out for him?

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SI is owned by Time Warner and is based in NYC...they aren't about to bring a shit load of bad Karma down on the home team.


Here's what is going on...there is a two week layover until the SB...meaning they have another edition that will come out the Friday before the game...Feb 1.....my bet it will have Brady on it and some header saying "Going for Perfect" and rubbing his cock on the Lombardi trophy like they're going steady or some such shit.


This cover will have no effect.


Relax...this fucker is in the bag.


C. Wagon

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I love when I post things days earlier I get hardly any response. This tool bag posts the same damn thing I did (days ago) and you guys go crazy. :furious:

No offense Boo "tool bag" hyah

His has a picture = prettier = more attention.


Maybe you just need to brush up on your posting skills?

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