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What the Giants Can't Do

Virginia Giant

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BOTTOM LINE: The Giants do not have the defensive backfield to compete with the top tier offenses.






What this means is that the Giants, while competitive, will most likely not be able to defeat a healthy:


1) Dallas team

2) Greenbay team

3) Seattle team



And they certainly will not be able to win consecutive games againts any two of these teams, provided they are fortunate enough to survive an underrated TB team (which is a big if)






Do you really think that the Giants can go into TB and win, and then win back to back games against a combo of GB/Dall/Seattle, provided these team are fairly healthy?






Just wanted to remind you of that fun fact. Chew on that while you watch the Chargers advance further than the Giants thanks, in large part, to the theft they committed during the draft several years ago








But all of this nonsense aside, one of the reasons I am being so tough on the Giants is that I don't see them running the table, without the benefit of a week off







They could upset Dallas or GB in round two. But, should they get by TB, they will not win back-to-back games in Seattle, GB or Dallas








I like my hambergers rare but it doesn't change the fact that the Giants defensive backs cannot survive a combo of Dal, GB or Dal, Seattle. Provided of course, they survive Galloway/Garcia.








Like I said, they can't get through two of three.


You seriously don't think they have a shot in GB? Do you?







Well, I mean, with all the injuries...and the cold weather...how much can one team be expected to endure?








It's D-E-S-P-A-R-A-T-I-O-N in August!!! clap.gi







Typical Giants pumper ignoring the facts. Can't say that I blame you. It's going to be a long year for you Giants fans. But, on the brightside, you may be able to score yourself a real coach and QB...





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