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Randy Moss - "consensual horseplay"


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Speaking to reporters Wednesday in Boston, Moss denied any wrongdoing, saying that Washington's injury was "an accident ... she hurt herself."


Moss' Minneapolis attorney, Joe Friedberg, said that Moss and Washington were engaged in "consensual horseplay" when she suffered a "minor injury to a finger" and that she demanded $500,000 from Moss to keep her from going public with the incident.


The statement from Washington's attorney said: "Ms. Washington has been unfairly characterized as someone simply seeking financial gain. In fact, it was Mr. Moss' representatives who first contacted our office to offer a 'six figure' settlement with hopes of not having this incident become public record."


However, the Boston Globe reported today that Moss' agent, Tim DiPiero, stated in an e-mail that he contacted the FBI and U.S. attorney's office in Moss' home state of West Virginia last week alleging that the woman's attorney was trying to "shake down" Moss.


DiPiero's e-mail also said that McGill threatened that Washington had "lots of dirt" on Moss and might reveal it unless Moss paid her an amount with "six figures."


The court papers that Washington filed say that she and Moss have had an "intimate relationship since 1997." Moss described her as a friend.



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