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A Humble Request


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Well unfortunately for me, I'll be shipping off before the big game on sunday between my beloved Giants and those guys in green and yellow from the north. I was hoping that those of you who are fortunate enough to witness this monumental day, in the event of a Giants victory, are able to provide me with clips of the big plays, and a detailed run down of what happened on the fateful day where titans clashed on a field of green and white.


Even worse, I won't have my own computer until early March, but I'll be able to access this site on other peoples computers. Thankfully, we've got broadband access in the sandbox. War has come a long way since the days of msukets.

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Be safe over there.
I'l say a prayer that you remain safe during your tour in raghead land and return here safely. Just one piece of advice from someone who was an Army Ranger 49 years ago "Shoot first and ask questions later." The only safe raghead is a dead raghead. Semper Fi. :worshippy: :TU:


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