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Giants Beating Dallas - Ranking with other high moments


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The intensity that comes from a game being decided in the last couple of seconds heightens the moment beyond words....especially when the entire outcome isn't decided until the last moment as it was in last night's game.


When RW intercepted the pass....I let out a whoop like I haven't in years. And it wasn't until that very moment that I realized we were going to win this game. You can't buy intensity like that.


Other great moments in my lifetime when a game's outcome came down to the last seconds:


- The 1991 Superbowl win by the Giants when the Bills Scott Norwood attempted a 46 yard field goal to win the game BUT MISSED as time expired. Whewwww! Near heart attack time.


- The 2003 National NCAA Basketball Champions (Syracuse Orange) when Hakim Warrick swooped throught the air and swatted the last shot of the game into the bleachers that was taken by Kansas with 3 seconds left on the clock and had the shot gone, would've made Kansas the winner. (Note: this on the heels of the Indiana Hoosiers knocking off Syracuse 74-73 in the final second on a last shot (exactly like the one Warrick swatted away) by Keith Smart in one of SU's last NCAA National title games.) Until that shot was swatted away by Warrick....the outcome was unknown. When that happened, I jumped three feet in the air simultaneously with 100 other guys at a bar and nearly brought the house down.


Anyway....not knowing the outcome of a game until the very last play of the game is excitement so intense as to make it a permanent memory of greatness or sadness. Makes for a great game though. Lucky for me....I'm a Giants' fan and not one of those lowlife cowboy fans.

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