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So does anyone have the interview of TO yet on youtube?


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Thats some funny shit G, rude or not, I fell down laughing....>FUCK THE COWBOYS!!!!

I'm tired of all the "America's Team" bullshit.

I'd love to take a peek at Jerry Jones (that asshole)....he's probably crying too!


I love the underdog role. I want to stay the underdog and spoil everybody's day!!

GO GIANTS!! :rock:

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Yeah, you got along with McNabb just fine.....SHUT THE FUCK UP CRYBABY!!!!

Aw Jeez you beat me to it. He was throwing darts at his McNabb board in his basement. Give me a break you bitch. Now just imagine these 'ahem' men (Broke Backs) if they had won. We would have seen an outpouring of the most classless drivel this side of Deion Sanders. LOL!!! You lost....we won. Season over....start checking the film for April's Draft boys.

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