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Terrell Owens


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Perfectly cut physique


Miraculous recovery time from injury- (isnt this the number 1 benefit?)


Extremely self absorbed


Prone to intense mood swings


Very emotional


Hmmm.... ya think? Have we learned nothing form the Mitchell Report?



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it's funny how some people think there's no drugs in football, only baseball.

The original poster boy for sports related roids issues was wait for it....wait for it.... Lyle Alzado. The man who put the rage into roid rage. This was back in the day when the medical profession was still saying that steroids are not performance enhancing drugs while every player who took them had jack leg pharmacy degrees and were laughing their heads off.


Its a real shame that the Olympic Runner....World Class runner of many broken records....am not channeling her name right now. But anyway I saw an pic of her doing one of her ubiquitous ad campaigns and the thickness of her neck and the pronounced jaw line just screamed out Human Growth Hormone to me. I looked at that picture and said its only a matter of time now. This was about a month or two ago.

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