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Negative Mojo


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Cowboys: Wade Phillips and Tony Romo are both winless in the playoffs, with horrific, infamous, catastrophic losses marking both of their resumes (Romo with the botched snap, Phillips with the "Music City Miracle"). The Cowboys have never beaten a team three times in one season, and haven't won a playoff game in over a decade. Romo has been hanging with Jessica Simpson this week ("The Natural," anyone?), Phillips is suddenly on the hot seat (WTF?!?!?) and the Giants have been playing their best football on the road... not to mention Eli always seems to have his best games against the 'Boys.


Giants: The Giants always seem to come up small against elite teams this year (Losses vs. Pats, Cowboys, and Green Bay) and never seem able to take that extra step to the big time. A majority of the analysts are picking the Giants, which usually results in a loss for the G-men... suddenly, everyone loves them, just like when they played Dallas last time. Eli Manning has strung two good games together in a row, but he's yet to string together three so far this season; which Eli will show up? The 'Boys have played well after rest this year, whether it be after the bye or the Sunday after a Thursday game. Giants only road loss has been vs. the Cowboys this year, and another loss there would provide a strange symmetry to their season. Also... no Shockey, who say what you will about him, ALWAYS puts up big games against the Cowboys.


I'd have to say the Cowboys have more negative mojo... but should be interesting to see how everything plays out.

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