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Why Bill Simmons is the BEST columnist


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First of all, even though he is an unabashed everything-Boston lover, his writing is pure comedy gold. I love when he goes off on a tangent sometimes totally sports un-related, and find myself nodding in agreement. Plus he's a football gambler, and I like that. This particular article is outstanding. But there is one part that has vaulted him to sportswriter's elite:


Giants (+7.5) over COWBOYS

Normally, I'd worry about getting sucked in by the Team That Looked a Little Too Good In Round 1 (always a red flag), but that's offset by the "Any time two teams play for a third time, it's usually a war" rule that's a mortal lock for Manifesto 5.0.


Here's my problem with laying the points: Without a healthy Terrell Owens (whether he plays or not), the Cowboys offense doesn't look so imposing anymore, and their collective limp to the finish looms as an enormous red flag (as well as a direct violation of Rule No. 6). Plus, didn't the Giants play them tough in the previous two games? Don't we need one underdog covering in Round 2? Could there be something to the whole "Eli looks better on the road than at home" thing? Could the wave of Giants running backs eventually wear Dallas down? What if Dallas needs to keep Jason Witten in to block and T.O. can't go -- who becomes Romo's possession receiver? How good do you feel about Wade Phillips in the playoffs? Couldn't the Giants absolutely win this game outright?


I say yes. And since the Giants are peaking at the right time, it was already a no-brainer to take the points before I realized it would be sweet revenge following a weekend's worth of cranky e-mails from the Tri-State Area. You wanted me to believe in Mr. "8-1 On The Road," Giants fans? Fine! I believe in Eli Manning! I was wrong! Now I'm on the bandwagon and you can't kick me off! Come on, Eli! TAKE US TO THE PROMISED LAND, ELI!!!!!!!!


The Pick: Giants 33, Cowboys 30.


If you want to read the rest of his genius work, here is the link:


Bill Simmons - Page 2

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I told him to "Go fuck yourself" after the Patriots/Giants game.

Yeah....looking at his prediction record he is no Amazing Randy in terms of accuracy. Do like the fact that he does not fall into the journalism speak that the refs treat every team equally....calling the Seahawks a team that could not buy a call against Green Bay. :P

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