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I find myself VERY excited.

Virginia Giant

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I know the feeling... it really is a great feeling to have. Making the playoffs in the NFL is no easy task and it def brings fans like myself much excitement. I think it is because no matter how you rank among the rest of the playoff teams, anything can happen and it 3 games fall your way... BOOM your in the superbowl. Lets take it one game at a time but im so pumped for the playoffs!!

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Go Giants! I like our chances against Tampa Bay. That alone gets me crunked about the playoffs. WHEN we beat Tampa, I think we will play Green Bay at Lambeau, right? And seeing what our Defense did in the snow in Buffalo last week gets me excited about that game as well! However, Eli plays like crap in bad weather. But if we can run the ball, no worries. Plus, this will be a payback game from Week 2 of the season when Green Bay embarrassed us. You know the players will be jacked. And then, most likely an NFC championship game against the Cowboys, unless the Seahawks upset them first (No way are the Deadskins going to beat Seattle).


Let's get it started. Watch out BUCS!

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