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Let the beatings begin

so-cal dub

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If we get rested and Garcia can work out his throwing problem ( :unsure: )we got a real shot to get to the NFC Championshi


NYG have a better record than we do playing a much tougher schedule. Their division could have 3 playoff teams with all 4 teams 500 or better. On paper they figure to kill us. So let's get real. But we do get to play the game and anything can happen.


personally I would have rather played Vikes or Skins...Giants are strong on the D-line and that worries me...


I see Brandon Jacobs having a field day against the Bucs D.




102906_barber2_mw.jpg __________________


I agree.


I don't think Shockey will make it back and Coughlin knows what wins football games ..


Don't let Eli win the game, keep it on the ground and let Jacobs (et al) run run run ..


We need to stack eight in the box, and force Eli to throw.


That will extend the season !


Stack 8 in the box all you want and watch Bradshaw Burn you on a screen :P


The Giants showed what kind of team they were yesterday. Kevin Everett's emotional return, Buffalo as fired up as they possibly could be.


Then the Giants ran for 300 yards and their defensive line destroyed Buffalo's line.


Unfortunately, we showed what kind of team we were yesterday as well. Put us against a team that can't get out of it's own way, we manhandle them and tout our greatness. Play a good team (1-3 against teams with winning records this year) or a team that wants it - like the Niners - and we pull up stakes and wait for the bus.


The Giants will beat us down in Tampa. I really, really, want to be wrong about that. At this point, I have no reason to believe I am.

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