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Giants Season Ticket Holders


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As you know, next week's game is basically the biggest of the season. Beat the Foreskins, and we are in. Lose, and all of a sudden we've got to either beat Buffalo in Buffalo, or beat a team that nobody has touched all year, or else hope to back into our playoff spot.


I'm not trying to be a smart-ass here. All I'm saying is that I've watched games where the fans are totally into it, and it is awesome. And then I've seen home games where the fan response is disappointing (to put it mildly).


Chances are, if you're reading this, you're not the problem. But you might be surrounded by others that are more worried about an upcoming hip-replacement operation than the Giants playoff chances. If that's the case, please encourage your fellow season ticket holders to:


Get into your seats early.

Stand, remove your mittens, and clap often.

Chant "DE-FENSE" whenever appropriate.

Refrain from booing our offense, regardless of how cold Eli is to start the game.

Try to stay for most of the game.

If you know anyone who has tickets but is unable or unwilling to do any of these things, try to persuade them to give their tickets to their son, daughter, niece, nephew, whatever.



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Minneapolis could overtake us for 5th spot, but I think only Washington and the Saints have a chance to take us out of the 6th wild card (we own the tie-breaker with Detroit, who could finish 9-7) and that would come down to conference record.


- We need to lose all remaining games, putting us 9-7 and 7-5 in the NFC.


- NO need to beat Atl tonight, then Ari, Phi & Chi. That would put them 9-7 and 8-4 in the NFC.


- Was need to beat us, Min & Dal, putting them 9-7, 7-5 in the NFC and then I have no idea how they would separate us after that.


Min have to play Chi, Was & Den, so they could finish 10-6 and 7-5 in the NFC.


So if we beat Washington we'd be 10-4, but more importantly 8-4 in the NFC which would clinch us 5th place.


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