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Mets want Eckstein for 2B!


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I think this is a great idea. Eckstein would fit perfectly batting 2nd, as he has a wonderful eye and is extremely difficult to strike out. He is tough and gritty and is a winner. He will give Reyes every opportunity to swipe a bag, and is an excellent bunter. Plus he is very good defensively. I'm a little surprised that Omar prefers Eckstein over Castillo, but happy that he does.


The only minuses here are that Eckstein is 32, which really isn't too old, and that he will be switching positions, from SS to 2B. I think Eckstein will do fine at 2B, though.



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Well, no Eckstein. I really don't understand signing Castillo for 4 years. It's true that Castillo is 32, and Eckstein is 32, but Castillo sure seems like an older 32 to me. I hope that Gotay is given more of a chance. He's fast and has hit well everytime he's given an opportunity. To me, the Mets need offense out of that position.

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