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What is with all of these massive contracts now?


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Randle El is a guy who had...

35 catches

15 yard average

1 TD


1 KR for 16 yards

44 PR's for a 10.2 avg


so the redskins are giving him 6 years 32 million for that???



Brandon Lloyd is a guy that had...

48 cathes

15.3 yard average

5 TD's


and he gets 28 million by the Redskins which is less than Randle El



Adam Archuleta is a guy who had...

70 total tackles (53 solo)

3.5 sacks


2 passes defended


this is the guy who was overpaid most...I heard he is going to get 5 million a year every year of his deal, and this a guy with 3 career INT's



Darren Howard is a guy who had...

33 tackles

3.5 sacks

is always hurt

30 years old


and he got a 6 year 31 million dollar deal



and many other ridiculous contracts....


Brian Williams get 6 years 32 million

Maake Kemeotou gets 5 years 27 million


and yet guy worth more money like Antonio Bryant got 4 years 15 million even though he played with a bad QB, and had much more productivity than Lloyd and Randle El


what is odd about this off-season is that in years past the biggest contract would be 35 million and then there might be 1 or 2 more for over 30 million...yet now everyone is getting that much

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Too many stupid teams that see cap space, spend big, and fuck up the market.


It's funny ... Lloyd and Randle-El got bigger contracts than Plax...



and Randle El at most will be a #3...i dont see him beating out Brandon Lloyd...

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