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Dontrelle Willis vs The Mets Batters

Plax 4 Prez

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If the Mets win and the Phillies lose, division goes to the Mets.


If they both win, one game playoff Monday in Philly.

Well I hope they woke up today, and if we do both win, hopefully we can school the Phillies.

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It's alot easier being the hunter than the hunted. That Phillies game was one

of the worst games I've seen, totally sloppy, no hitting.


think about how they had to win some of those games? That double play call on Anderson at 2B? Some of the worst umpiring by CB Buckner and his crew all series in Philly. The Mets making 10 ERRORS in 2 games. That bizzare sit would never continue against any team. I do not think either team wants to play Monday, but in all honesty at this point the pressure would be squarely on the Phils. Plus I like that this Met team has been there in these spots before.


I just hope local boy Bergman pitches a great game today and the Mets then win and none of this matters.

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