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Why has he been on the bench lately? Yep ever since he got thrown out of the game. Is Willie punishing him or showing his blind loyalty to vets. Why were they starting Gomez instead of Milledge. I thought Milledge played great in right field. Green has played good, except against righties and that is where Milledge should have been playing, not Gomez. We were playing okay with Milledge in there but as soon as Willie refused to put him in there, they tank. When was the last time he played? I know there are so many other problems but this is a big issue also. Maybe I might support having a clean slate next year.

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He was suspended for his tirade wasn't he? Did that end on Tuesday, or was it longer than I thought.


I think Willie had Gomez out there because he is faster than Milledge and can cover the gap better while Beltran's knees heal.

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