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Fox - Howie Long in Paticular


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He did a pretty good job of highlighting some of the problems on the D. He broke down one play that Witten went for 20 yards, and showed how 5 players didn't finish there jobs. The scheme had both D ends dropping to a zone, an outside linebacker, a corer and the nickle back blitzing. Arron Ross pulled up, istead of running through Romo, Webster didn't even get close, Strahan faked the rush too far and never made it to his area to cover, the receiver drew Pierce out of the middle and Witten was wide open.


The only guy in that scenario in the right position was Pierce. The D looks like it can be fairly good, if they learned were they are supposed to be when Spags calls a play.


Howie thinks Kiwi can be a special player, but he is going to need some time to learn the position. They showed a clip where he didn't get the jam on the TE, but it looked to me like he almost recovered in time to swat the ball away. As he learns how to get in better position, I think he will be a great LB.


They did show some clips of the talk radio stations, news paper articles, the D sulking on the bench last week and Pierce's air horn stunt (which looked really bad, even though he was joking). This team needs a win bad.

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