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Could this late season must win benefit this team?


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Well here we are Met fans, a 7 game lead with 17 to play evaporated to nothing more than 2 games in the loss column. We all figured 10 days ago that we would see the likes of Humber and Pelfrey and Milledge and Gomez down the homestretch as we solidify homefield and rest up for game 1. Well, as of now, there is as much a guarantee to a game 1 as there is to this bullpen getting 3 outs with a 3 run lead in the 9th.


Could this help this team? Its been all year, the Mets have done everything they can to maintain first place. Lose 2, win 4 in a row, lose 3 win 5. Lose 4 straight, win 5 lose 1, win another 4. Now here we are, 8 to play and nothing guaranteed.


Lets flashback to 2006, mid september, boquets are being thrown at Omar, WIllie, the Wilpons and a bullpen that was the best in the NL. The Mets sleptwalked through Septemver and coasted to the playoffs. After dispatching mediocre Dodger team in 3 they were ill prepared for the 7 game fight against the eventual world champion Cards(ironically a team in a must win situation down the 2006 stretch). This brings me to my point.


Could the Mets, having to play must win, get their asses in gear NOW, actually benefit IF they make the playoffs from this fact. The last 2 WS champs limped to the finish and had to win to simply get there, could this be a trend? Look at all those Braves teams that would eliminate the Mets by Sept 1 lose in RD? They coasted and never were able to turn it back on. If the Mets win this thing they would have had to turn it on. Is the engine running full throttle for game 1 better than having to get the car out of the garage for game 1?

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Depends on how these guys react to the pressure but I think playing meaningful games down the stretch can benefit the Mets, but we need strong quality pitching performances like Oliver Perez gave yesterday. The bullpen is over worked and cannot provide the push we need right now so our starters need to be able to go that extra inning or two.


Age and injuries have to come into play. We have suffered so many injuries all year long, with important players missing large amount of games but even with that said we were up by seven, the season almost over and we blew it. The Phillies are just 1.5 games behind us, only half a game behind the Padres for the Wild Card spot, these guys are hungry and they are showing it. We need to start watching the scoreboard to see if the Padres start losing as well so that if the Phillies do catch us we have the Wild Card to fall back on.

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