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The Official FUCK YOU BILLY WAGNER thread


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Unless there was an emergency in his family, or he suffered a major injury.........

We better not find out he had a blister.



I don't care if his favorite fucking Alpaca died or some shit, this man is

supposed to be team captain..play hurt you pussy.

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I firmly believe that had this team decided in 2005 that Aaron Heilman will be groomed to be the closer that at the very least it would be better than Billy. Its no secret that Aaron fancies himself a starter, but giving him the role of closer is as close to the glory of being a starter that he obviously seeks and he has the short term, one inning stuff to be one. Its such a shame that Duaner Sanchez was hurt, guy had guts and good stuff to compensate when this POS pulls garbage like this.


Wagner is a big mouth, small time player. He has been hated by teammates and managers in the past and his antics here are no different.


With that said, we need this dipshit if he is ever gonna come up big to come up big now.

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