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The entire Giants organization needs an enema


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It's that simple. Wellington & Bob drove the team into the ground with their abysmal football decisions & cheapness, and their sons have shown that the fruit doesn't fall far from the tree. They give a lame duck coach and lame duck contract extension, they, along with Reese, allow Strahan to treat them like a couple bitches instead of cutting him, they made no attempt what so ever to hire a GM outside the organization because they have no clue what to look for in a GM, they're building the ugliest, most overpriced stadium in football history, and they are simply stuck in the past.


The current team is a fucking disgrace. This is, without a doubt, the worst Giants defense in over 25 years. The coaching staff is useless between horrible playcalling and not holding players accountable for stupidity on the field. How about some fucking in game adjustments? Well, I guess you can't adjust shit if the players simply suck. Accorsi f'd this team so bad with his piss poor personel decisions that it will take 3-4 years to rebuild into a contender. The defense must be totally gutted. The Dline has been totally manhandled, the safeties are boneheads in coverage, no one can tackle, Strahan looks completely disenchanted cause he got no more $, we have no kicker, & we have no LBs.


Belichik has been re-signed. Fisher is close to a new deal. I'm not thrilled with Cower cause he lost way too many games he should have won, but he'd still be an improvement and bring professionalism to this hole. However, he'll never come cause Mara Co. is too cheap and he won't give Cower enough say in personnel.


The team must be sold, but that will never happen, and as such, we'll suck for years with the occasional playoff appearance. But in the end, we won't win shit. We'll get the last 17 years all over again.


end rant

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Take a deep breath, we're not going to suck for eternity. Also, don't even bother thinking that the team will get sold: first, there's like a thousand Mara's and now the new guard has taken over, second, the ownership also owned us when we won two SB's, so let's not be unreasonable.


Do we stink now...yes. Are we going to be this bad all season....no. Is this fun to endure...no again. Can we have a team like the Patriots...be realistic, those don't come too often and almost never in the modern era.


We need consistency and we need some new thinking. I'm not sure of Spags yet. I'm not sure that I don't like Gilbride's playcalling either. I'm not sure that a head coach need be something other than Tom is....


Who to get anyway? Hmmm, experienced HC with a vision for either O or D, but at least has a vision: who the hell would that be...


Frankly, I'd just as soon have Fassel back as gamble. Since that'll never happen and I don't think we're getting Cowher, that leaves us with whom....


How do we manage to nurture a Cowher who got 15 years when we only give Tom 5?

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Gspotter: 100% correct that the team will never be sold. At least the Mara's portion. I gotta find a way to scrounge up the $$ to buy the Tisch half.


As far as a coach, I'm clueless. I really thought we were getting Belichik this coming offseason. There has to be a young peep out there from the Parcells tree, or any tree, who is ready. Golfindude, you get the call!

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I think we need someone with promise and a vision, but it does frustrate me that Cowher got 15 years and most coaches get 4.


How can we build up if we're always tearing down?


I think we're in a weird spot: the D is bad, the O is decent, and the fanbase needs some upgrades.

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I am hoping Fox gets dumped in Carolina. I would love to have him running things.


The defense is a complete disgrace. Just pathetic. Worst I have ever seen from the giants and I have been watching and going to games for over 3 decades.


they are HORRIBLE.




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