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Transcript: Coach Tom Coughlin


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September 14, 2007


I don�t have any new news to report.


Q: Nothing?


A: (Eli) took some snaps, you saw him. He threw the ball out there. He threw it pretty good. But we�ll see.


Q: Are you more confident?


A: No, I�m not confident. That isn�t the key term. The key term is, �How is he going to be in the morning and then what are the medical people going to say?�


Q: Are you more comfortable�


A: There is no comfort. I don�t have any comfort. What�s comfortable?

(I guess he can feel the flame while he sits on the hot seat.)

Q: Did he have any problems throwing the ball today?


A: He certainly didn�t. He seemed to throw the ball pretty good. But that is not for me to judge. That�s for others. If you really watch closely, he did the smart thing. He loosened up pretty good and started to get into the velocity throws a little bit later on.


Q: Are you optimistic about his chances?


A: I�m just glad to be with you guys today. It�s just wonderful being here with all of you wonderful people.

(why all the "secrecy" just name this weeks starter. by the sounds of this I would say J-load is starting.)


Q: Would you have had a conversation with him at one point and said, �Eli, what do you think?�


A: My conversations with Eli will remain confidential.


Q: Having seen Eli throw the last two days, how would his throwing today have compared to whatever throws he has done ��?


A: He has actually thrown the ball on the side pretty well; even from day one. There have not been as many throws as there were today.


Q: How about Osi�s situation?


A: Osi practiced and appeared to do pretty well. But we�ll see. These things are all based, of course, after they do work, how are they going to come back?


Q: You seem to have been very careful this week about � not you but the team � taking like a �woe is me attitude� with these injuries.


A: We�re not doing that. That�s a sign of weakness. We�re not doing it. We have to be concerned about the guys that are going to play and getting them ready to play and the mentality of those guys that are going to play.


Q: How did Lorenzen look this week in practice?


A: I really think that Thursday and Friday he practiced well.


Q: How about Lawrence Tynes and Gibril Wilson?


A: Tynes kicked field goals and Wilson did everything.


Q: What is going on with Zak DeOssie?


A: Zak DeOssie, after last night, he locked up; his back was bothering him so we left him inside. And we are going to have to see.


(this is why they meant about DeOssie being missing, he was not on the practice field)


Q: The ruling came down from the Commissioner on the Patriots situation. Do you think�.?


A: What am I going to say about that?


Q: My point is - do you think teams will think twice about this tactic in the future?


A: Without a doubt. There is no precedent for this. So obviously the Commissioner came down; he came down hard and he was sending the type of signal that really has been sent for years in the written word. But obviously in this case it wasn�t followed through on. So it is a strong statement that is being made by the League with regard to the use of technology � it�s illegal.


Q: Would you expect to hear more from the League about this?


A: I�m sure� The League has already sent, prior to this ruling, a packet of information citing all of these rules, anyway, which most have been aware of.


Q: Did Osi practice fully, or just�?


A: No, he did it all.


Q: As far as Derrick Ward, he obviously has struggled with injuries the past few years. Why have you kept him on?


A: Because of his ability and the fact that we have always been excited about him when he has been on the field.

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I have a feeling that LJoad will be starting this Sunday. Why all the secrecy?



I also got this from a pick-em league news


The New York defense didn't play well in Week 1, and the Packers have improved on defense, so this won't be an easy one. Brett Favre will keep the Pack in the game, and without Brandon Jacobs, the Giants could have trouble establishing the run game. The passing attack will be limited without Eli Manning.
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The secrecy is because there is no reason to let the Packers know who they will be facing before they absolutely have to. It may be slight, but there is some advantage to that. They also have to see how sore Eli is today.

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