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David Wright for MVP


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True, but no one else in the NL is running away with the MVP race. David Wright is the only player that's been consistently good for us throughout the season. Why not David Wright?


Other then the anti-New York Bias there is no reason why he shouldn't be....

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Other then the anti-New York Bias there is no reason why he shouldn't be....

To ESPN he's top 3.


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For the first time in 52 years and only the third time in baseball history, both league MVPs may play the same position in the same city.

Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez has a hammerlock on his third American League MVP award. Let's face facts: This is one race that's already over. A-Rod probably would have to finish the season 0-for-100 (or thereabouts) to not win it.

Meanwhile, Mets third baseman David Wright is quickly gaining steam in a wide-open NL derby, thanks to go-ahead homers in back-to-back games to put the Queens team back in a commanding position in the playoff picture -- not to mention fine across-the-board numbers, a superb all-around game and a leadership role on the NL's best team. If the vote were held today, he'd get my support in a narrow call over Brewers slugger Prince Fielder and Phillies shortstop Jimmy Rollins -- though, of course, a lot can still happen.

Anyway, it's surely no stretch to think Rodriguez and Wright could repeat the same-city, same-position MVP feat previously accomplished only by Yogi Berra and Roy Campanella twice in the 1950s. Berra and Campanella, catchers for the Yankees and Dodgers, both won MVPs in 1951 and '55.

It's often imprudent to call an MVP race in early September, but while the Tigers' Magglio Ordonez and the Mariners' Ichiro are having superb seasons in the AL, there's no realistic reason to think someone other than A-Rod could or should win the award. He has 45 homers and on Monday notched his 130th RBI (the same as Mickey Mantle in his Triple Crown season of 1956). Plus, he has been terrific in the clutch and in the field in a season where the pressure of his contractual situation and last year's oft-dissected failures increased his burden.

Meanwhile, playing across town without the same microscope (not to mention anything approaching the same sort of fanfare), Wright has worked his way toward the top of a very crowded field by playing an exemplary all-around game (he's now hitting .320 with 26 homers, 91 RBIs, 94 runs and 30 stolen bases) and by heating up as things got hotter. Wright went from .244 at the end of April to .271 by the end of May, then kept going up, month by month, to .288, .300 and .319 through August.

While a few VORP devotees and other statistical mavens may support Hanley Ramirez, in my estimation Wright's main competition should come from the Brewers' Fielder and Ryan Braun, the Phillies' Rollins and Chase Utley, the Rockies' Matt Holliday, the Dodgers' Russell Martin and Wright's teammate Jose Reyes. But as of today, of all those players, only Wright and Reyes would be in the playoffs, something else that could put Wright over the top.

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I dont know.... he is not top 5 in any category.


But he's in the top 10 of more than any player, I believe, and he's leading the Mets' charge to close out the division.


The case for Wright will be made stronger as soon as he becomes 30/30. :TU:

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if the rockies make the playoffs holliday is winning it

I agree. Also, I believe Eric Byrnes should get some consideration. He's lead his team in every offensive category for the majority of the season....and his team is in first place.



Speaking of the Rockies, how good is Troy Tulowitzski? Hands down the best defender in all of baseball, he is sick

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David Wright's numbers through September 16, 2007 (Third Base Comparisons Only)


AVG. .313 (League Average .273)


HR: 30 (League Average 9)


SB: 31 (League Average 4)


RBI: 98 (League Average 38)


RUNS: 100

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