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Secondary and pass rush blow


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Is it just me, or does our secondary like to make dramatic lunges, parallel to the ground which nearly hit the receives but fall short? Our secondary has been awful since Fassel was here. Is it that hard not to get torched on a regular basis?


Another trick they like to pull is to allow the wide reciever to catch the ball then hit him right after as hard as they can, causing no effect. Is this a Giants tradition I am unaware of? I thought corners were supposed to break up passes before theyre caught?


And the pass rush is luke warm. Strahan actually played well. Ill bet he's sore today.


The offense is good. If Toomer had kept his feet in, that wouldve been a very different game. As a matter of fact, there were several offensive opps that the Giants did not cash in on. This is going to be a very long season with this defense.

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It was like a flash back to any early 1970's NYG defense...Jesus...other then Wilson they tackle like Pete Athens used to...which is to say...very poorly if not rarely. Fucking bumper cars and no wrapping up.


Other then Wilson and Pierce...Tuck maybe...they are completely lacking in fundementals and basic technique about 80 % of the time.


It was scary...particularly when you consider Coughlin is supposed old school and was brought in to get back to basics.


C. Wagon

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