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I know I let you guys down last year. But this year we are happy to announce that The Panel of Experts is up a running. Sportswrath has added a Pick'Em league to the forum. However, will you have to re-register again.


We will be going against each other, and going against 2 Experts. Merril Hodges and Sean Salisbury!


I'm still working on making the Pick'em Board look like our Message board so please be patient.


Please Register Here Registration Link. Please try to register under your current user name. It will be easier to keep track of everyones records.


Pool Rules are:

  • Picks:

    Number of games per week required to pick: ALL

  • Game Style:

    Pick'em Style.

  • Spreads

    Point spreads are NOT used scoring picks. All picks should just be the game winners by the final score

  • Weights

    No weights/confidence values are used in this pool.

  • Monday Night Football Tie-Break

    This pool does not use a Monday Night Football Tie-Break.

  • Scoring

    WIN = 2 points, TIE = 1 point, LOSS = 0 points.

  • Standings

    The final standings will be calculated using the total points from ALL weeks.

  • Deadline

    The pick deadline is kickoff time of the first game of the week. You can see the deadline by going to the Make Picks page.

The system will automatically keep track of all the scores. So you wont have to wait for me... :ph34r::unsure:

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