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what's the sopcast link


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lol sopcast is 100x's better than the thing I subscribed for at the beginning of the season last year.


It was totally illegal... forget what it was called... but basically it was like 3 bucks a month for nfl games.


Well, on opening day of NFL season... they decided it was a good time to take their servers down for "maintenance." Then, the following sunday... "maintenance." Though every time you tried to watch a game it said the game was "full."


Needless to say, although it was only three bucks... I fucking complained till I got my money back. I'm not giving someone ANY money to NOT give me what they say they're gonna give.


Sopcast at least sometimes works, and is free.

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yeah well sopcast did work al ot better last year


last year I would give it a B, this year c- plus Mine will suht down due to error and I have unistalled and re installed about 5 times and still it does it. I can not find any games on TVU or TVANTS . There has to be another service we can find out there some where. You can not find any games on sopcast this year hardly at all

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