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I am thinking about making an ESPN Sportswrath Fantasy league that has 4 free Games


Pick em's ... like your weekly office pool

Eliminator ..choose any team to win that week (your "lock") you can only choose them once

Gridiron Challenge.. choose 2 qb's 2 wr's 2 rb's 1 k 1 te 1def and keep your team under the cap.

College Callenge.. Select a conference each week, then select from the teams to accumulate passing, rushing, receiving, kicking and defensive stats


I have already joined them all put have not greated a league for us yet I was going to saee how many people would like to join first.


here is the link: ESPN FANTASY GAMES


you have to join each one ,one at a time. you should see them on the right Also you may have to register at ESPN first.


I just want to get a head count first so if you join these games DON'T click on JOIN a LEAGUE yet what and see if we have enough people then I will tell you the league name to join or I can Invite you all that way no one will get confused and join the wrong one by mistake.

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ok I created the leagues


click HERE to join the Pick em's

click HERE to join the Eiminator

click HEREto join the Grid Iron Callenge


sign up info for each one is


League Name: sportswrath.com


Password: swleague


these are not all tied together in one league, but there is a link to each game on that games front page. I made this Private for now I may imply the drop the worst week if people want to join after Thursday. If we dont get a lot of people to join I will just go public with it.

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