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I haven't started a thread about Tiki yet!


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Sure, talk about it, but there's eleven other threads about it. It's insane how much attention he's been given.


What else is there to talk about? This is for the NY Giants what the Vick shit is for the NFL. Just check out Fannations Truth and Rumors section and the # of comments on the different stories. I'd say you would average about 50 comments a story. Every single Vick shit gets hundreds of responses. Doesn't make it right but fact is Tiki pissed off a lot of fans and if you can trust them some current players too. And Eli didn't back down and just Ho Hum it he stood up for himself....like his brother did when the drunken kicker called him out for his leadership style.


And I don't know just how insane the attention is....I mean this IS Tiki Barber who turned last season into the Tiki Barber Show and who has not made a single comment about the NFL unrelated to the Giants that is memorable. He WAS this team for the past couple seasons so the fans do care about his opinion...the problem is his opinion seems to be derived from a very self-centered motive that doesn't sit well with many fans.

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