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Training Camp to Game Day


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What I did not like about Sunday's game was this: (and it's been this way for a few years)


Receivers V.S. Corner's......... on both sides of the ball


Problem: Whenever Eli would step back to throw I feel nervous as hell that he will throw an INT. why you ask? Well when our receivers catch a ball 10 to 1 its in traffic or the CB is blanketing our Receivers .

Solution: our receivers need to work out better routes and be able to read the defense better. The need to get off the line clean and get into open space wich will help Eli get them better balls to catch.


Problem: Now when the opposing team's QB steps back to throw I cringe that their Receiver has a 10 -15 yard cushion almost always a 3rd and 25 will end up a 1st and 10.


Solution : get up on the receiver on the line jam him up throw his and the QB's timing off get use to a receiver's habits as well as his bread and butter moves or patterns. this also brings in the safety's with the moves , patterns and habits


Overview: At this moment right now the secondary (well even before last night's injury's) is our weakest link, Spag's has got to snap these boy's mind's into shape.

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