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The Mets have been sitting in the catbird seat since the first game of the season. Although they haven't dominated like last year, the most they have been up is 5 games. This team is nothing like last years 2006 squad, last year's team had a never say die attitude and would regularly come back in games that they were down. Last year Carlos Beltran and Carlos Delgado were actually hitting, Paul Lo Duca was actually good, Scott Schoweneweis wasn't here and Guillermo Mota was on steroids and all was right with the world. This year, both Carlos' have been unclutch as you possibly can be, Paul Lo Duca is finally banging women his age, Schoweneweis is on the team and Mota got off the 'roids.


Around May, closer Billy Wagner said this team lacked fight and the 2006 team was better, the man speaks the truth.


Yesterday as I was freezing my ass off in the Picnic Area giving out T-Shirts a man who works security at the stadium said about 5 or 6 players have given Carlos Beltran a nickname. It's not the nickname the stupid SNY commercials gave him either. The moniker they have dubbed him?





After laughing for about a full 3 minutes, I processed what these players meant (the source didn't give me names, sadly.) Beltran is one soft player, every injury he gets he milks it for 4-5 days. I'm friends with females who when they menstruate have more balls than Beltran. In closing I wonder how much "Carvel" regrets signing with the Mets, I'm sure he would much rather play in Houston where there is no pressure and the Church is 4 blocks from his mansion




This cone is you Carlos, you've earned it.

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