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Lets Play a Game

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Each day I'll post a number, the numbers will go in order starting at 1. Actually today i guess we'll go with 3 numbers 0, 00, 1. Post the name and/or picture of the player that wore the number. I'd prefer we stick to our teams, but since there is a lot of Yanks/Mets fans here, that wouldn't be fair, but I'm gonna stick to Rangers players.





Number Position Name With Rangers



1B Al oliver ;78-81

CF Oddibe McDowell '85-'88, '94

C Junior Ortiz '94




3B Dave Nelson '72-'75 (with Senators '70-'71)

2B Bump Wills '77-'81

3B Bill Stein '81-'85

SS Scott Fletcher '87-'89

SS Gary Green '90-'91

2B Jeff Frye '92-'95

SS Kurt Stillwell '96

2B/SS Domingo Cedeno '97-'98

RF Dave Martinez '00

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