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Todays practice 8-4-07


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Giants Practice Report; QBs, WRs Look Good

By Hazem Kiswani | August 4th, 2007


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07_0227_98.jpg Robbins - Giants.com


Eli Manning is certainly making the fans at camp happy, but the O-Line is still having some trouble with pass protection, here’s the report:


- How about Freddy R? Robbins continues to have a good camp - he played the run very well today, and had another one of those signature interception run backs. On a gadget play designed for Sinorice Moss to throw the ball downfield, Robbins got in front and grabbed the pick.


- Eli Manning and Anthony Wright had particularly good days throwing the football. Manning was on target - throwing a lot of in routes and slants today and hitting guys right on the pads. He also showed some nice touch on the deep ball .


- Michael Jennings had a strong practice, leading the session with a lot of catches. His route-running certainly looks improved and he and Eli really clicked throughout the morning.


- The O-Line did a decent job handling the front four, but struggled picking up the blitz again. Mathias Kiwanuka came loose far too many times blitzing from the outside. Kiwanuka had a good session, showing better reaction in coverage.


- The CB position has been interesting to watch in camp. So far I really feel like the younger guys are outplaying Madison and McQuarters - R.W has been solid, but Madison has struggled on numerous occasions. Gerrick McPhearson and Corey Webster (Who didn’t practice this morning) have played especially well. McPhearson picked off a throw by Wright intended for Anthony Mix.


- The tight ends played well this morning as well, a couple of nice grabs by Boss and Shockey. Shockey continues to go all out in every single practice he plays in - you have to love the effort from J-Shock. I feel really good about this passing game if the line can just pick it up.


Sounds like we need to do a little tweaking with the OL and the secondary but other than that camp sounds like it's all coming together now :clap:

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"Shockey continues to go all out in every single practice he plays in"


And some people want to trade this guy :rolleyes:



No, some people want to throw him off the team because he throws his hands up. Which is a valid reason for sure :rolleyes:

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yeah people lump shockey in there with burress but if you ask me they're worlds apart in terms of what's behind their on field antics.


Burress is just an ego-maniac. Shockeys antics are about him being frustrated in wanting to win, not that his own stats aren't being padded.


We've been hearing it since he signed.


Pretty much. Hopefully Webster and RW can hold the fort, with Madison doing nickel duty until Ross can move up. Even better would be Ross beating out Madison for nickel...which begs the question what do you do with (assuming this I could be wrong) your highest paid CB?

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"Shockey continues to go all out in every single practice he plays in"


And some people want to trade this guy :rolleyes:


Some people want him to play like that every down, instead of every practice. Not too big of a request.

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