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Eli,Osi, Jacobs at todays practice


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Morning Practice - Osi and Eli still Hot; BJ Runs Wild

By Hazem Kiswani | August 2nd, 2007


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9763584.jpg Manning - wireimage.com


Encouraging morning session today, for Eli Manning and Brandon Jacobs in particular. Here’s the summary:


- Aaron Ross got absolutely obliterated this morning, especially by the flamboyant Mike Jennings. Jennings shook Ross out of his cleats on a couple of plays and caught a deep fly on Ross as well. It seemed like whatever quarterback was running the drill just picked out Ross before the snap and attacked him. Certainly not a fun day for Aaron.


- Brandon Jacobs had his best day of camp, busting through the first and second levels for some big runs. Jacobs is still delivering punishment with reckless abandon, although he did say he wants to sidestep some tackles and take less contact this season. All in all though, Jacobs looked great - hitting the hole hard.


- Sinorice Moss looks determined to make it a real fight for the number 3 job. He beat anyone that was lined up 1 on 1 with him, and had a monster shake on Aaron Ross. He caught a lot of balls today and is certainly impressing the quarterbacks.


- Eli Manning was just money today. It was one of those days where all you heard was the sound of the pigskin hitting receivers in the chest when Manning was behind center. That poise in the pocket we saw early last season that faded down the stretch was especially apparent today as he avoided rushers and still threw passes right on target.


- Interesting to note, Kiwanuka lined up at DE every time the Giants went to the nickel package. I certainly like the idea of Kiwanuka on the D-Line on third and eight or third and nine, instead of having to cover a third receiver or tight end.


- Osi continues to be the best defensive player in camp. Constant pressure from his side, and he also notched another sack. The ‘chief’ isn’t playing nice with the guys at tackle, that’s for sure.


- Shockey didn’t practice with “upper-leg soreness”. No big deal according to the coaches, just being cautious. Boss played solid in his place, but doesn’t have that presence about him Shockey does, of course. He made some catches and quietly contributed to the offense.


- William Joseph and Marcus Bell have both been playing the run very well to this point. It’ll be interesting to see between Bell, Alford, Joseph, Robbins, and Cofield, if the Giants decide to keep five DT’s on the roster or let Bell or Joseph go. Right now I’d expect both to be near-locks to stay on the roster if they keep playing this way, with Joseph playing both the end or inside as needed.


Note on Rice


Reports are that Simeon Rice did pass his Giants physical yesterday, but from what I’ve been told, Rice is unlikely to be pursued seriously by the Giants. The front office still wants to know what Strahan is going to do before seriously negotiating with Rice’s agent, and other teams are going to speak to Rice this week. Tennessee is said to have a lot of interest.


Spags better give Ross some Knowledge and fix our CB's and Safteys or this could be a long year for our secondary. Madison was chewed up the other day and now Ross today .Webster was pounded a few days ago.

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All I can say is... GO ELI!


Please, please, PLEASE make me eat my words this year!


The troubles at corner are a bit concerning, but for Ross at least... this is his time to mess up. Get all of that out now before the season starts.

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