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Tonight PM practice


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Arthur Staple


Day 4, P.M. Update -- First Fight!


Anyone surprised that Rich Seubert was involved?


Seubert, who has one fight per camp, tussled with Mathias Kiwanuka... A rematch of last year's first fight. Kiwanuka and Chris Snee (former BC teammates) actually got into it first, with a little shoving. On the next play, Seubert stepped in and wrestled with Kiwanuka to the ground.


That was about the most impressive aspect of the offense's performance this evening. No more drops as in the A.M. practice, but Steve Spagnuolo's schemes are confusing the heck out of the offense -- twice the offense re-huddled, and Guy Whimper got destroyed on two separate occasions by Tommy Davis, who then had a fan calling for an autograph, "Hey, Osi!"


Funny you should ask about Corey Webster, Mighty -- he was running as the LCB in the nickel and dime packages, with R.W. McQuarters sliding inside. Aaron Ross was the fourth CB in the dime set. Webster made a couple nice plays in coverage and looked to be moving well. He handled the physical stuff well, too.


In one-on-one coverage drills, Sam Madison got burned. I mean, burned -- Burress toasted Sammy M., then Mike Jennings, then Brandon London. But Madison was more physical in the team drills. McQuarters also blitzed for an easy sack on Eli Manning in team drills.


The Giants finished with a two-minute drill -- 1:24 to be exact, with one timeout from the offense's 40. It was... a bit rusty, shall we say. A couple dump-offs to Brandon Jacobs, one draw run by Jacobs, a quick out to Burress and then a last-second, 40-yard heave by Manning to the end zone, where James Butler easily picked it off.


One injury to report: LS Ryan Kuehl was carted off with a leg injury during punting drills to start practice. Grey Ruegamer and Jay Alford moved up a unit to long-snap, and Ruegamer was the snapper for field goals -- Lawrence Tynes was 2-for-4, missing from 33 and 43, and Josh Huston was 3-for-4, missing from 38.


So Zak DeOssie is not a long-snapper just yet. He's got plenty to think about already anyway.


Back with one practice tomorrow afternoon.

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Well, it not like they were bad last year. Keep in mind, they were playing great after the Seattle game, and then all the injuries hit the defense.

Oct 8 Washington - W (19-3)

Oct 15 at Atlanta - W (27-14)

Oct 23 at Dallas - W (36-22)

Oct 29 Tampa Bay - W (17-3)

Nov 5 Houston - W (14-10)


Not to be a dick, but we played some pretty weak offenses during that period, and the two mediocre/decent ones was a one-dimensional Falcons team, and a Bledsoe-led Cowboys. I recall being just as frustrated with our defense during this span as i was when we were losing. We simply didn't have our act together last year.


But I am optimistic this year. :rock:

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