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Cash needs to get on the horn with Billy Beane

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Are you sure you want that nutjob around to cause more negative headlines for the Yanks?

I hear what youre saying but he has been very well behaved since he left LA and I think that he'd be very happy to be on a team like the Yankees...the guy is definitley a competitor who wants to play and win badly and thats the Yankee way. He would have no problem with lack of playing time with us as he would start. With Giambi done for the season, the yanks can put him on the 60 day dl so they dont have to make a roster move, then move Matsui to dh, put Uncle Milty in left or center and have Melky go to the bench when Damon comes off the dl (assuming thats where he is headed, thats where he shoud be head in my opinion anyway). Its well worth the risk, which is a low risk in my opinion considering he has been out of the headlines since leaving LA. He will be our new Sheffield...the angry black dude.

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unfucking believable!!!!!!!!!!! first michael barrett, now this. Im in a daze right now.

nice win for you guys tonight, golf. Tom looked great



Thanks, I didn't get to see much of the game. I worked and

just went straight home afterwards.


I don't know why KC even picked him up, unless they plan

on dealing him later on, what's the point? For someone to

corrupt Alex Gordon?

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maybe they plan to flip him to another team?



I would hope so, I mean it does seem kinda stupid for KC to

pick him up. They had one good year I compare the Royals to a terminally

ill patient and that year was the blip for a sign of life.


God, I'm such a tasteless fucker sometimes.

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This is where I got it from


Sorry it's on the Mets MB, but the poster got it from ESPN.




According to ESPN, the Royals have acquired Milton Bradley from the A's for reliever Leo Nunez. It's a surprising move for Kansas City.


Nunez is a 23 year-old righty reliever. He's been compared to Julian Tavarez. He's got a decent hitter but his secondary pitches need work. Nunez has been knocked around in 67 big league innings. He's pitching well in Double A this year but A) he probably belongs in Triple A and B) his strikeout rate is poor.


Bradley will presumably be the Royals' regular left fielder, at least until he finds his way back to the DL. If Dayton Moore doesn't spin him off for something better than Nunez before the deadline, I don't get the move.

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SAN DIEGO -- The San Diego Padres agreed to acquire temperamental outfielder Milton Bradley from the Oakland Athletics on Thursday night, the second time in just more than a week that the team decided to add a player with a history of blowups.







The Padres will send Oakland a minor league pitcher, several people with knowledge of the deal said, speaking on condition of anonymity because it had yet to be announced.


Bradley could join the team during a weekend series at the Los Angeles Dodgers, one of his former teams.


General manager Kevin Towers confirmed in an e-mail Thursday that the Padres had interest in the outfielder, but declined further comment.


Manager Bud Black said he hadn't spoken with Towers on Thursday, an off day for the team, and couldn't confirm the deal. But Black said he knew the Padres had discussed Bradley the day before, and added that it was more than likely that Bradley would play left field.


Earlier Thursday, right fielder Brian Giles came off a five-week stay on the disabled list in time for the series opener Friday at Dodger Stadium. The two-time defending NL West champion Padres have the slimmest lead possible in a tight race in the division, one percentage point ahead of Los Angeles and one-half game ahead of Arizona.


If healthy, Bradley could be an upgrade over the tandem of Terrmel Sledge and Russell Branyan in left.


Oakland designated Bradley for assignment a week earlier, cutting ties with a player who was expected to play an important role on the team this season.


The day before the A's designated Bradley for assignment, the Padres obtained embattled catcher Michael Barrett from the Chicago Cubs.


Barrett and Carlos Zambrano got into a skirmish in the dugout June 1 and it carried over into the clubhouse where Barrett got a black eye and needed stitches in his lip.


Less than two weeks later, Barrett and pitcher Rich Hill had a verbal exchange in the dugout during a game against the Seattle Mariners.


An emotional player, Barrett was the central figure in a brawl with the White Sox last season. He set it off by punching A.J. Pierzynski in the jaw after he'd been run over at the plate. Barrett was suspended for 10 games.


The addition of Bradley to an otherwise laid-back clubhouse could raise eyebrows.


However, before he traded for Barrett, Towers said he spoke with pitcher Greg Maddux, Barrett's former teammate with the Cubs, and was assured that the catcher would mesh well with the club.


"He told me that pretty much anybody could fit into this clubhouse," Towers said the day Barrett joined the Padres.


Bradley, who agreed to a one-year, $4 million deal with Oakland in the offseason, has always been known as much for his volatile behavior as his baseball skills. In 2005, he accused Dodgers teammate Jeff Kent of a lack of leadership and an inability to deal with black players.


Bradley was also suspended for the final five games of the 2004 season when he slammed a plastic bottle at the feet of a fan in the box seats in the right field corner at Dodger Stadium after someone threw it on the field. Nobody was injured.


Bradley had two run-ins with police during traffic stops in Ohio, one that landed him a three-day stay in jail and another that nearly sent him back for a second visit. When he was with the Dodgers, police responded three times to Bradley's home on domestic violence calls, but he wasn't arrested or charged.


The A's designated Bradley for assignment to avoid a logjam in the outfield with the emergence of rookie Travis Buck and the return of other players from injuries.


Bradley had been on the disabled list three times this year.


Asked how he was feeling two days before being designated for assignment, Bradley curtly responded, "I'm healthy and on the bench." Bradley was activated from the DL the following day and went 0-for-3 with a walk.


Bradley first was shelved from April 23 to May 10 because of a strained left hamstring. He went on the DL a second time May 15-29 when the hamstring flared up again, before being sidelined a third time June 3 with a calf injury.


His missed 51 games in all with the injuries and has had five stints on the disabled list in two seasons with Oakland. He was hitting .292 with two homers and seven RBIs in 65 at-bats this season.




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Thats such a great move for the Padres, they desperately need offense and they just got a very good hitter, as well as defender for basically nothing. I wish the Yankees would have moved on him, not only could they use him defensivley, but surprisingly, they could use his offense as well as the yankee offense is nothing more than mediocre

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haha yeah i'll take a .290 hitter. no one on the team is hitting .300 :ph34r:


huge upgrade for us (sad, i know)--i dont care about his attitude problems of the past, he's way better than the sledge/cruz platoon and we have gold glove caliber players in center and left now

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haha yeah i'll take a .290 hitter. no one on the team is hitting .300 :ph34r:


huge upgrade for us (sad, i know)--i dont care about his attitude problems of the past, he's way better than the sledge/cruz platoon and we have gold glove caliber players in center and left now

I wouldnt worry about the attitude, I havent heard a thing about him since he left LA, seems like he's grown up some ans is alot more behaved now. Fuck, I wish the Yankees would have gotten him
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i dont know, i haven't been impressed with cruz's fielding at all this season. his error tonight was particularly bad, any major leaguer should be able to catch a single that bounces right to them. and since that was ruled an error i dont see how young gets charged for an earned run. he had a 1.13 era since may 1st coming into this game too, should'vejust been 1 run in 6 IP tonight.



i hope we light up penny tomorrow so cy and peavy are 1-2 in era :rock:

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