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good shit yanks


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Seems like the Yankees score at least 2 runs in the first inning every fucking day. Every game is over by the second inning. :furious:

We are playing some very good baseball right now. 9 in a row and 12 out of 14. Now we need for your guys to go on a 10 game losing streak - maybe lose a key player or 2 and a pitcher or 2 for 3-4 weeks. Quite frankly the Yanks have been winning (up until this streak) with flippin mirrors. I believe they have started 14 different pitchers with 7 of them Rooks.

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Got alot of help today (was at the game) Davis gives up a leadoff hit in the first and proceeded to walk the first batter for the next 3 innings. Couple that with the 40+ pitch first inning it made it easy, especially when Andy was as good as he was today...... all of the balls put in play seemed to be hit right at someone. Great win today, let's sweep the Mets and keep it going!

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