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The Giants new LB


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I always liked Armstead. Wasn't it his touchdown that was called back in the Super Bowl against Baltimore because of a phantom hold/pass interference call?

Defensive Holding on Keith Hamilton that never happened. Hamilton reached out for the RB (I think that it was Priest Holmes) and completely missed him, but the refs threw the flag anyway.


Anyway. Armstead was the man and I'm glad to see him retire in Giants Blue.

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Man, he really was the heart and soul of the Giants for about five seasons.



I'll never forget inthe NFC championship game against the Vikings... third and long... up 14-0... the Vikes think they are still in it... Culpepper has no open receiver, but sees nothing but open field in front of him... Armstead flies in from out of nowhere to stop him with three yards to go.


I loved that guy.

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