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I am becoming less and less impressed with our fearless leader.


Pitchers can pitch more then 7 innings, Im not sure if he was aware of that until last night.


Julio Franco is 1000 years old and is batting .182 why is he the big situation pinch hitter?


Joe Smith is kicking ass, Could you see him as a better setup man then the master of the changeup?


Bunting is not the greatest way to get a hit... yes we have some blazing speed on this team, fast enough to turn a single into a double and a double into a triple... but not fast enough to do anything with a bunt that everyone knows is coming.

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gorilla, Julio is actually leading the league in pinch hitting with a .265 average in pinch hitting situations. His BA has dropped when he starts.


If you haven't noticed, he is pushing Ollie more and more every start. Sending him to a 120 pitches, and he understands that he is now our workhorse. I like that.


What's wrong with pitching El Duque 6 innings every time out? We need to keep this guy healthy at all costs, and if an extra inning of bullpen work is what we need to keep him as healthy as can be, then it's fine by me.


I think its the players choice sometimes to bunt. That's all it seems Endy was doing before he got hurt.


We don't really have an official setup man anymore. It changes everytime, depending on the batters coming up. I like that strategy. If 2 out of the next 3 are lefties then Feliciano would come in to pitch the 8th. I like that.

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I actually think Willie did a good job of leaving Sosa in last night. Before the Phillies series, he just might have gone to the pen in the 8th, and rightfully so. The bullpen has been solid this season. They needed a break yesterday after coming off a tough series.


The Mets just don't have the starters who can go deep every time out.


Glavine can't do it, El Duque can't do it and Maine is a different pitcher in the later innings.

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I have some criticism for Willie. With the bats just not hitting, why not shake the lineup... Lo Duca back to the 2 hole at least for the time being. I do agree with him moving Delgado down to the 5 hole and Wright up to cleanup. But more must be done. Green seemingly hasn't hit well from the 2 hole, and I like him more as an RBI guy, anyway. Perhaps Gomez in the #2 hole, because at least you have a chance to have 1 of 2 rabbits to get on in front of Beltran, Wright, and Delgado. As I type this the Mets give up 3 runs this inning and now have allowed the Dodgers to come back yet again. They are playing sloppy baseball as well. I'm seeing errors not typical of some players, and even moreso, some VERY sloppy baserunning. It seems like everyone is making mistakes running the bases lately. Tonight it was David Wright, but Reyes has made a couple mistakes running as well. And they are not working the count like they were earlier in the season. Opposing pitchers are getting to the 7th and 8th innings only throwing 80 pitches or so. Just some of my observations, they need to get their collective head out of their collective ass.

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