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alternative draft/free agency thoughts (10/3/2006)


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Here are some alternate thoughts, let me know what you think



The Giants were preciously around $2 mil under the cap


we were give an extra $1.2 mil from the NFL due to "Likely to be earned" incentives included in the 2005 salary that weren't actually earned


Barrett Green will be officially released once the 2006 season officially starts

freein up $1.375 mil in 2005 cap space


the salary cap went up from $94.5 mil to $102 mil (an increase of $7.5 mil)



which makes the Giants around $12.075 mil under the 2006 salary cap



Here is how an alternative option of how to invest it:




WR David Tyree (RFA) - long term deal

TE Visanthe Shiancoe (RFA)

TE Sean Berton (RFA)

CB Frank Walker (RFA)

QB Tim Hassleback

DT Kendrick Allen (EFA)

DT Damane Duckett (EFA)

RB Chad Morton






CB Sam Madison (Dolphins) 31 [alternative: Deshea Townsend (Steelers)]


DT Ryan Pickett (Rams) 25 [alternative: Ma'ake Kemoeatu (Ravens)]


QB Jay Fiedler (Jets) 34


LB LaVar Arrington (Redskins) 27 [alternative: David Thornton (Colts), Tommy Polley (Ravens)]


WR Jabar Gaffney (Texans) 25 [alternative: Corey Bradford (Texans)]


evaluate Will Peterson, if there are still doubts about his ability to play this season, then release him




Free Agent thoughts:


Madison provides quality experience while our young talented CBs develop.


Pickett solidifies our DTs. Pickett will upgrade our run defense, he can also collapse the pocket, which will result in more opportunities for Strahan and Umenyiora.


Fiedler adds a solid veteran with good starting experience


Arrington adds a quality WLB. EA will still draft a WLB for depth though.


Jabar Gaffney is a decent young WR who will not break the bank


I would like to add a veteran safety, but I am not sure we will be able to.



free agency must keep the draft in mind.





although a WLB like Manny Lawson is tempting, with Arrington WLB is not such a high priority (though WLB depth is).


The Giants trade down for an extra day 1 pick (eg: #25 to Detroit for #40, #74)


#40 LT Daryn Colledge, Boise State, 6'4", 299 lbs, 5.04 40 time


#56 S Jason Allen, Tennessee, 6'1", 209 lbs, 4.39 40 time


#74 OC Greg Eslinger, Minnesota, 6'3", 292 lbs, 5.13 40 time


#87 CB Will Blackmon, Boston College, 6'0", 198 lbs, 4.46 40 time


#123 LB Terna Nande, Miami (OH), 6'0", 232 lbs, 4.51 40 time


#153 WR Brandon Marshall, Central Florida, 6'4", 229 lbs, 4.55 40 time


#184 CB David Pittman, Northwestern State, 5'11", 182 lbs, 4.44 40 time


#215 LB Brandon Johnson, Louisville, 6'5", 228 lbs, 4.44 40 time




my roster (10/3/2006) would be something like:


(assuming Will Peterson is not healthy)






Eli Manning

Jay Fiedler

Tim Hassleback




Tiki Barber

Brandon Jacobs

Derrick Ward

Chad Morton




Jim Finn





Plaxico Burress

Amani Toomer

Jabar Gaffney

Jamaar Taylor

David Tyree

Brandon Marshall*





Jeremy Shockey

Visanthe Shiancoe

Sean Berton





Kareem McKenzie

Luke Petitgout

Daryn Colledge*




Chris Snee

David Diehl

Rich Seubert





Shaun O'Hara

Greg Eslinger*







William Jospeh

Ryan Pickett

Fred Robbins

Kendrick Allen

Damane Duckett





Michael Strahan

Osi Umenyiora

Justin Tuck

Eric Moore





Carlos Emmons

Antonio Pierce

LaVar Arrington

Reggie Torbor

Terna Nande*

Chase Blackburn

Brandon Johnson*




Sam Madison

Corey Webster

Will Blackmon*

Curtis Deloatch

David Pittman*

Frank Walker





Gibril Wilson

Jason Allen*

James Butler



Special Teams



Jay Feeley





Jeff Feagles





Ryan Kuehl

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I'd be skeptical about entering the season with a rookie backing up both OT positions.


At this point, I think that getting Allen at 56 and Brandon Johnson anytime after the 4th round is wishful thinking.

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I'd be skeptical about entering the season with a rookie backing up both OT positions.


At this point, I think that getting Allen at 56 and Brandon Johnson anytime after the 4th round is wishful thinking.


Keeping Whitfield as well is always an option ( I did consider that)


We could go with Allen at #40 and Colledge at #56, or Daniel Bullocks at #56, either way, we have options, same is true for WR




free agency



Madison and Arrington will not be too expensive, otherwise we will switch to cheaper alternatives


Jay Fielder will be cheap, or not a giant, simple as that


Kareem McKenzie's contract was seven year, $37 mil, $12.5 million SB,

That has a first year cap number of around $2.3 mil


Antonio Pierce's contract was six year, $26 mil with a $6.5 million SB

That has a first year cap number of around $1.6 mil


Ryan Pickett, Sam Madison and LaVar Arrington would have a maximum 2006 cap number around that of McKenzie. (probably somewhere between McKenzie and Pierce)


Jay Fieldler and Jabar Gaffey would have maximum 2006 cap numbers around $1.4 mil (which is similar to the first year of Emmons' contract)


that is a total around $9.7 million, which will still leave around $2.3 million for rookie etc (which is probably enough).


If neccessary we ditch Fiedler, and go with Hassleback again.


which means Pickett, Madison, Arrington and Gaffeny would cost somewhere around $8.3 million)


It is worth remembering that all of these guys have been on pretty ordinary teams. The Giants give them alot of opportunities (flagship nfl team, legitimate playoff contender, big market/high profile, we look after our players, etc)

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Sam Madison's contract has a 2006 cap number of around $1.4 mil


Giants | Madison reaches four-year deal

Fri, 10 Mar 2006 10:57:33 -0800


Len Pasquarelli, of ESPN.com, reports the New York Giants have reached a deal on a four-year contract with free agent CB Sam Madison (Dolphins). The deal is worth $7.4 million and includes a $2 million signing bonus. He will have base salaries of $900,000 (2006), $1.2 million (2007), $1.5 million (2008) and $1.8 million (2009). By gaining four or more interceptions in a year, he can receive $250,000 through incentives.

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