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The City is Ours!


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No disprespect to the Yankees, but I think even the most diehard Yankee fan who hates the Mets would have to admit the Mets are the better team, no matter what happened this weekend. Cannot dispute the facts.

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:puke: :puke: :puke: :puke: :puke:


We still have another series to play and at least we didn't get swept. <_>


You guys overreacted last year. :rolleyes:

Yankee fans are never worried about whose city it is.



Sure, because half your fan base isn't even from New York City.

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i beg to differ


I'm glad you do.


A poll was taken inside Yankees Stadium where they found that 43 percent

of their fans were from New Jersey, Connecticut and other various parts of

New York State.


A poll was taken inside Shea Stadium and found that almost 57 percent

of fans were from the 5 boroughs and the rest were from Jersey, Connecticut

and other parts of New York.


I attribute this to the fact that their were 2 NL teams in the 50's and since

they refused to root for the Yankees they waited for the New York Metropolitans

to come around.

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the percentages are exactly the same for both......if 43%of the people in yankee stadium were from nj, conn ect, that means 57% were from the 5 boro's....so what is your point?



All well, fuck it. I just don't care anymore. Interleague Play is useless,

the Mets would rather beat the Braves and the Yankees would rather beat the

Red Sox. I think we can agree on that.


I also don't consider Staten Island a borough, it's just full of

I-talians and garbage.

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These 3 games and the 3 useless games they will play in a month do not prove anything. Facts are facts, one team 14 games over .500 the other is 4 games under. Arguement over.


Is the Nats beat the Sox 3 straight it does not make them a better team over the course of 162, neither do these three useless games. Thus far all we can go on are overall results and its not even close.

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