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Sam Adams


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Fuck Sam Adams.

Cranberry Lambic? Cherry Wheat? Who the fuck mixes fruit with beer?

Belgians..... :TU:


I am not a big fan of either those beers, Sam has many more quality brews.


As far at the DT it would have been a good pickup 5 years ago, now he is someone elses trash. If the team gets hit with the injury bug and he is sitting at home you give him a call.

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Bringing him in couldn't hurt anyone. I don't know that I think he's great for our scheme, but I also think that we're not that great at DT.


I don't believe we're still toying with the 3-4 anymore, who knows. I don't see us putting big money into him and he'll get a nice one year from someone.


He looks pretty unhealthy though and I' talking about being obese as opposed to being just big.

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Beer + Fruit = GAY.


Nothing more true can be said...


It's like when I see a man pounding downa Hornsby; I'm mystified. I'm not saying we all have to drink Rheingold, but for goodness sake, must we all be Oprahfied even in our libations?

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