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Would Ross have been there later?


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Could Reese have taken the Browns for a ride again?


Savage liked Quinn too, but Thomas was the kind of offensive-line difference-maker the Browns hadn't had since their reincarnation, in 1999. "Is Joe Thomas an impact player?'' Savage said. "Yes, because he'll let our skill players make plays. Without taking him, a quarterback would have the [same]problems our quarterbacks had last year, when we had protection problems. Same thing with our running game. Our staff was sold on Joe Thomas, but not as sold on Brady Quinn, at three.''


Savage wouldn't say exactly where Quinn was on the Browns' board, but from our discussion, I think he had him as the fifth- or sixth-best player. That's why it caught his attention when Quinn was still around after the ninth pick. "I was walking down the hall in our office during the first round,'' he said, "and I see Ted Ginn Jr., go to Miami. That was my first 'wow' of the day. Then I started to think maybe we should look into trying to get a pick to get Brady.''


He got on the phone. He called Houston, which owned the 10th pick, then Buffalo, which had the 12th pick, followed by St. Louis (No. 13) and Carolina (14). No, no, no, no. When Savage was on the phone with the Rams, Browns owner Randy Lerner joked, "Trade me to the Rams if you can get Quinn. They'll throw in [owner] Georgia Frontiere.''


Savage got a nibble from Green Bay at 16. Cleveland offered its first-round pick in 2008, and offered to flip picks with the Packers in rounds two, three and four. "I thought it was going to work,'' Savage said. "But they thought about it, called back and said no.''


Savage called Jacksonville, which had the 17th pick. No. Right about then, Savage got wind of Baltimore also trying to deal up in the round to get Quinn. And he feared Ravens GM Ozzie Newsome would make a deal with one of his best buddies, Jags GM James Harris. But Harris had other ideas, dealing down four spots with Denver and picking up third- and sixth-round picks.


Savage didn't try Cincinnati at 18. "You think they'd ever trade with us?'' he said, chuckling. "I don't think so.'' Tennessee and the Giants, at 19 and 20, respectively, both said no. Next up was Jacksonville, which planned to make its new pick at 21. Another phone call. Another no.


Ross will probably be a very good CB for the Giants but when was the last time we had two first round picks?

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Who cares....its done with. Reese also said he received offers to trade down but they were trying to "low ball" him. Maybe they got desperate and uped the offer...What the cowboys got may not have been what we were offered....We had no leverage because we dont need a QB...

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Oh by the way....Who picked behind Dallas....Oh thats right KC...the same team who has been shoping there QB for the last few months, they would have jumped on Quinn ....I really think what dallas got we werent offered

Quite frankly I'm not that impressed with Dallas & their 1'st round choice. This kid Spencer really doesn't jump out and grab me when I was thinking of good DE/OLB guys, although they do get 2 first rounders for next year.


More on Ross though.


6. I think there's a good chance Texas cornerback Aaron Ross, the Giants' first-round pick, could be a star in New York. And soon. He was charming and excited, and sounded like all of us hope the players we cover (in my case) and root for (in the case of Giants fans) would sound after getting picked by the G-men.


"I was outside playing catch with my little nephew and my mom called me because I guess they had my name at the bottom of the screen as a projection,'' he said. "I went in and got the call and immediately my hands started shaking, my heart started pounding; but I am full of excitement right now.''


He said, "I love to man up on guys and take them out of the game.'' Asked about his biggest adjustment to the pro game, he said, sounding about as honest as a kid can, "I think being star-struck. Facing T.O. Facing Chad Johnson. Making myself realize they aren't on a video game anymore or on Sunday Night Football. I am up against them on the other side. Once I get over that, I feel I will be straight.''

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