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Coloring Tutorial


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There are many ways for you to add color to your SIGs. But sometimes you need to add multi colors to give it a kick. So I'm going to show a method I like to use.


Step 1: start out with a new lay out. Go to File > New (or Ctrl+N for a short cut)




A box should pop open...Use the settings from the image below and the press OK




Once you press OK a box like the image below should appear.




From there you want add a Background (BG). Go to filter> Render> Clouds. Make sure you have your colors set at Black and White.




Once you did that, it should look something like this:




From there, create a layer. Go to Layer> New> Layer (Ctrl+shift+N for a short cut)

name It B1 and press ok.




Next is time to select a brush.


1: click the Brush button.

2: click the drop down button menu

3: press the brush package menu

4: select the Brush pattern pattern you like

5: and then select the actual brush




Once you have selected a brush. (I perfer to use the Black first) apply it to your new layer and set it on overlay.




Create another layer (Ctrl+shift+N) name it B2, switch your color to white and select another brush. Don't forget to set you new layer on overlay also.




repeat creating a new layer; name it B3, B4 and so on. Switching the colors and selecting a different brush each time. Repeat this about 2 more times. dont forget to have all layers set at overlay. You should have about 5 layers so far...Your "layer 1" layer, and layer B1 thru B4. It should look something like this.




Create a new layer (Ctrl+shift+N) Name it C1, press OK. then press Ctrl+F and it should cloud your layout again.




Press Ctrl+U and this window should pop-up.




Set your C1 layer to overlay also...




Create another Layer (Ctrl+shift+N) Name it C2, press OK. then press Ctrl+F and it should cloud your layout again. When you press Ctrl+U make it blueish



and set it at overlay again.


Once your done all of that. If you feel it necessary, you can modify it too. Click on the fill or adjust button.




and you can add contrast and brightness if you want.




you can also modify the colors if you want also.




Add your render (picture) and font and you are done.





Here are a few more Examples...








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