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The Santana discussion


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There's no way the Twins would trade Santana this year


But after 2008 he becomes a FA. He has turned down overtures for an extension and he was insulted by their offer (rumored to be $46M over 3 years).


In 2008, Santana will be 28. He is this decade's Pedro.


I wouldnt give them both Hughes and Tabata but Id give them one of them or I might try and give them a package of say Clippard, Sanchez, Ohlendorf and/or Cox, as stiff as it is, I would move for him.


Now the Twins have guys like Garza, Slowey and Perkins in their system that they are very high on, so Hughes or Tabata will most likely have to be included in any deal as the Twins will probably want more quality than quantity.


Do you trade Hughes and Tabata for him? I dont, but I would give them either one of them or my package above for him.


Also, by next year, guys like Betances and Chamberlain will most likely be highly touted pitching prospects throughout the league...theyre already in the top 100. S


So, what would give up for Santana?

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