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Darrelle Revis


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Something to Think About

April17 Just in case you’re on the fence about where the Giants will spend their first-round pick, consider that University of Pittsburgh cornerback Darrelle Revis stopped in for a vist to Giants Stadium today.


Revis doesn’t figure to be around at No. 20 next week, but the Giants are interested enough to do their due diligence on him. Don’t exclude a move up to get either him or Leon Hall if they fall out of the top 15, which is a slim possibility, anyway.


On the free agent front, the Giants hosted former Hofstra running back Arlen Harris last Friday. They don’t plan to sign him until they see what the draft brings them in terms of running backs, but they liked the idea that he’s a third-down/special teams type. Of course, so is Derrick Ward, if he can stay healthy.


Oh, yeah. Don’t take the Revis visit too seriously. They’re also hosting USC wide receiver Dwayne Jarrett, who also doesn’t figure to be around at 20, along with Miami safety Brandon Meriweather, who has character issues stemming from the Hurricanes’ brawl with Florida International. Florida State outside linebacker Lawrence Timmons is also reportedly due in at some point this week.


Just another step in researching the available talent.


Ciao for now.

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