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Giants had a visit today


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Giants Meet With Former Detroit Lions Bust

Posted Apr 12th 2007 8:09PM by Dan Benton

Filed under: NY Giants, NFC East, New York, NFL Free Agency


charlesrogers.jpgAccording to NFL Network (TV), former Detroit Lions wide receiver and first round bust Charles Rogers visited the Giants today.


Despite the pending returns of Amani Toomer and Sinorice Moss, the Giants have made no secrets about their desire to add another wide receiver. It may not be their number one priority but it certainly is on their "to do list."


The potential Rogers has, even after three failed seasons with the Lions, has me sold. I know a lot of people are going to say "pass," but I think a system change would do the former second overall pick good. And perhaps he's finally got his head on straight after a year away from the league.


In the three seasons with Detroit Rogers caught 36 passes for 440 yards and four touchdowns.

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I got no problem with it, no matter what he would do in training camp he'll simply be a no 4 receiver.

Yeah he should come at a reasonable price, the upside is there and in the 4th receiver slot he shouldn't hurt us. Even if Amani did get hurt he should still be a decent 3rd WR.

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If its cheap enough, I say do it. The guy has a tremendous upside and he was on a crappy team. I think on a better team, and a team that has a history of handling troublesome players well, (i.e. Christian Peter)he could be very productive.

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The guy is running his 40's in about 4.9, so he's slower than a tight end, so if nothing else he'd be a possession receiver. With his size he could be worth a try, have him catch passes up the middle.

Just found out Tom Brady ran a 5.3 forty times during his combine. But I am sure he has more heart than Rogers.

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