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Rangers vs. Thrashers Game 1 thread.


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(3) Atlanta Thrashers vs. (6) New York Rangers

Regular-season series: Thrashers won 3-1

11/10: Rangers 5-2 11/28: Thrashers 5-4 (OT) 1/20: Thrashers 3-1 3/16: Thrashers 2-1 (OT)



The Skinny: They added a handful of playoff-tested veterans before the trade deadline, but the Thrashers still don't have enough on the back end to slow Jaromir Jagr and Co. Despite having more than enough firepower, Atlanta's power play has been misfiring for much of the season and is the lowest-ranked unit of any playoff squad. For the Rangers, it all starts and ends with Henrik Lundqvist, who closed out the season by winning seven of his last 10. The Rangers are tough in their own zone and will do stellar work of clearing traffic away from Lundqvist.


The Spotlight Is On: Ilya Kovalchuk. With his speed and playmaking skills, Kovalchuk will be a tough match for the Blueshirts although his play, or lack thereof, in the defensive end could turn out to be one of Atlanta's biggest weaknesses. Another aspect to keep an eye on: Can Sean Avery goad Ilya into a few ill-timed penalties?


X-Factor for Thrashers: Slava Kozlov. Believe it or not, Kozlov (left) ended the regular season with more points than Kovalchuk. With the Rangers' defense keeping close watch on Kovalchuk and Marian Hossa, Kozy could turn into Atlanta's main point producer in the series. But it may not be enough.


X-Factor for Rangers: Michael Nylander. Why is this underrated guy important? He centers the Rangers' top line. Nylander (right), who had three goals and six points in four games against the Thrashers this season, needs to bounce back from last season's dismal one-point performance in the postseason.


The Pick: Rangers in six.


I say Rangers in 5 personally, I've got a really good felling about this given that this team has been playing great & are getting good players back from injury (Tyutin, Hossa.... ect.). Henrik is playing in his Olympic Gold-Medal winning form and is healthy, I see this being a very good series for the Rangers where they can take advantage of the fact that alot of the Thrashers have no playoff experience whatsoever.

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it's getting harder and harder to find NY sports on Sopcast. :brooding:

get direct tv. I don't need the sports package because for some reason. If don't want to pay for it, then options are getting low now adays.

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It's officially a better season than last year.


:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

That's for damn sure! :worshippy:


Things that I liked:

Jagr getting involved.

Kovalchuk not being involved, the defense locked him out.

The Rangers play under pressure.


Things I didn't like:

How that Holik-Dupuis line seems to give the Rangers fits in their zone.

How most of the goals allowed could have been negated by a little smarts (see Girardi's give-away) and a little hustle (Shane Hnidy scores????? WTF!?!?!). This could have easily been a 4-1 game.

Less run & gun and a little more attention to defense (not to sound Devil-ish :ph34r: but when they get going liek that I get concerned).

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