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Giants to meet


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Giants, Wright Will Meet

By Dan Benton | April 10th, 2007


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19537895.jpg Anthony Wright - Baltimoresun.com


According to Adam Schefter of NFL Network, the Giants are scheduled to meet with former Bengals and Ravens Quarterback, Anthony Wright.


I realize the Giants are in need of a back-up Quarterback but I am not entirely sure that Wright is the “seasoned veteran” that should fill that role. The Giants should be searching for a quarterback who has actually seen more time on the field than Eli Manning, someone like Jay Fielder who they seem to have given up on again.


Wright has played in the NFL for eight seasons, appearing in 28 games while throwing for 3,578 yards, 20 touchdowns and 25 interceptions. He has a career completion percentage of only 55.4% and a quarterback rating of 66.9. ….Yuck….


Other Notes:


- Jim Finn does not feel slighted by the Giants search for another fullback.


“I don’t buy it,” Finn said. “I was a good fullback for Edgerrin James in a slashy-type offense and then I come here and we’re talking about being a power team in the NFC East. Tiki Barber was supposed to be a small back, but I think we did a pretty well with a power-style offense in the NFC East for so many years. That’s all just talk and what people perceive.”


As usual, I like Finn’s attitude. “Mr. Irrelevant” is okay in my book.

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